The Dutch Female Board Index 2009

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The Dutch ‘Female Board Index 2009’ provides for the third year an overview of female representation on the Executive Boards and Supervisory Boards of 107 Dutch NV companies listed on Euronext Amsterdam. The study showed that in September 2009, 38 listed Dutch companies have one or more women on their Executive Board and/or Supervisory Board; this is 35.5% of all 107 Dutch listed companies. Still 69 companies have no women at all on their Executive Board or Supervisory Board. Of the 813 directors in the sample, 57 (7.0%) are female. This is the weighted average of the percentage female executive directors (2.4%) and the percentage female non-executive directors (9.5%). The research also indicates that the support by large listed companies for greater gender-diversity in the Board, yet only seems to be words and no deeds; of the 116 new appointments in the Executive Boards or Supervisory Boards only fourteen times this concerned a new female director, far too little to speak of a breakthrough.